Fish Table Games: Ocean King 3 Plus Blackbeard’s Fury

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Fish Table Games: Ocean King 3 Plus Blackbeard’s Fury-High Profit Holding Fish Games. Customize Game Software. Excellent Cabinets.

Fish Table Games: Ocean King 3 Plus Blackbeard’s Fury:
It is the latest in the Ocean King 3 Plus series.  Ocean King 3 Plus Blackbeard’s Fury can be configured for 2~10 players and different Fishing Games Arcade Table.
Blackbeard’s Ghost Ship
When a player catches Blackbeard’s Ghost Ship swarms of Ghost Ships will sail across to catch everything on the screen.
When the Poseidon is caught several waves of Poseidon attacks will help the player catch as many fish as possible.
Emperor Crab
When a player catches the Emperor Crab all of the fish on the screen will be attacked by multiple Emperor Crabs circling the screen.
Darkness Monster
When a Darkness Monster is caught it will attack all of the fish from the center of the screen.  There will be several attacks from the Darkness Monster.
Ancient Crocodile
When the Ancient Crocodile is caught a Giant Crocodile will swim across the screen swallowing up a load of fish for prizes.
Almighty Octopus
When the Almighty Octopus is caught the giant tentacles will reach across the screen catching every fish in its grasp.
Fire Dragon
Catching a Fire Dragon will trigger a chain of massive explosions that will net every fish on the screen.

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Post time: 2019-07-15