Mini Fish Game Phoenix Realm

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W60" D40" H30"
47in 4K display screen
6 seat multiplayer setup
Coin In/Coin Out , Coin In/Ticket Redemption Out, Bill Acceptor/Thermal Printer, Cashless Card system

Anti Cheating Program
Guaranteed Working Quality Guaranteed
Plug And Play For Easy Install
12 Months Warranty / Lifetime Maintenance

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Mini Fish Game Phoenix Realm

How to play 8 Players Ocean King Fish Game Machine

Product Description
The parts of 8 Players Ocean King Fish Game Machine include:
1. Game Kits
Stability program PCB main board. Connector available options: VGA, DVI, HDMI. Anti- Cheater I/O board. Intelligent Decoder
2. Operating system
ICT bill acceptor work for US dollars 1-100, other type bill acceptor such as: ICT tao, TK series all can work for our game software
ICT thermal printers use for ticket out
Mutha Goose and Gaggle System, Cashless Card system install are available
3. Wires
High quality copper wires to make sure all are connected properly and safety
Heavy duty, long lasting board edge connectors
High quality, durable wires and ends
4. Joystick & Buttons
ABS plastic and solid alloy construction. Very rugged construction
Spring return to center. Made with highest quality materials
Polycarbonate lens cap for optical Clarity. Heat resistance plastic
Micro-switch reliability tested to10,000,000 Cycles
5. Cabinet Inside
Suitable circuit layout. Very easy to change or upgrade accessories

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Available Games For Fish Game Machine

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tus me nyuam lub sij hawm : 15~20 days via Sea

Peb kom zoo dua qub
1. Topgame software R&D and manufacturingin China
2. Customizedhigh holding profitgame software
3. Txee rau sab saum toj zoo khoom kim heev txee
4. Peb lub tuam txhab khoom ua si unique npaj, duab zoo nkauj, ci ntsa iab tsos, cov txheej txheem ua ntej,txhim khu kev qha, nyiaj tau los, hloov tshiab

Q1: Product warranty ?
A: Peb sawv ntsug qab qhov zoo ntawm peb cov khoom thiab yuav kho los hloov tej yam khoom uas yog defective vim manufacturer tus defecturer. Thaum hu rau kev txhawb xeeb uas muaj lus nug warranty, Thov muab qhov khoom serial serial number ces peb yuav paub meej tias hnub yuav purchase.
Qhov kev ua si boards: 12 lub hlis warranty los ntawm hnub yuav.
Q2: Can I customize the own game or cabinet?
A: Yes, you can! TAS offers game/cabinet development services. Please give us your ideas and we can satisfy your requirements. There are minimum order quantities associated with development options.
Q3: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 1~3 days(game kits / parts)/5~7 days(Game Cabinet) if the goods are in stock. or it is 5~7 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
Q4: How many units can load by one 20ft, 40ft and 45ft container ?
A: Generally 20ft: 6pcs . 40ft: 14pcs , 45ft: 18pcs. If you can accept to remove the joystick, then install it back after receiving the goods, it will be able to load more cabinets.
Q5: What Gaming Cabinet Options Are Available?
A: We offer different gaming cabinets to suit virtually any setting and game room. Some of our featured cabinets include 2/4/6/8/10 players.

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